Henderson Special Needs Child Donating Lifetime Of Hair

An east Texas special needs child is giving a gift that someone else - another needy child - will receive.

Aizza Avilla was born blind, and other conditions have taken her abilities to walk and talk.

However, Aizza's giving spirit is doing just fine, and her haircut today was anything but ordinary.

"The hair is giving her more seizures than anything, so we need to cut it," says Aizza's mom, Emma Avilla.

"Aizza has microsephalie and mitochondria disease...She doesn't walk, crawl or anything. She just smiles. She has a congential heart problem."

Aizza, who is also blind, has spent a majority of her life with therapists and doctors, defying all odds.

"She was supposed to only live 5 months in her life. 5 months and she will be 5 in October," laughs her mother. "She is a blessing, the light of the house."

So instead of saying she's handicapped, her mom would rather call her capable - capable of cutting her lifetime of long healthy hair and giving it to locks of love.

"A lot of children with no hair - chemo, and it makes you wonder. I'm not that bad...Coming from a special child to do something special for other children is just so unique."

They're giving now after receiving so much. Just last week the Make A Wish Foundation installed a brand new pool in their backyard.

"I looked and they can actually do swimming pools. I thought we can do that, and have the therapist come to the house."

With her new haircut, Aizza will work on her motor skills through water therapy.

Her hair will be sent to another needy child, something her mom says is a precious gift from a child whose life itself is a gift.

"She doesn't know what her surroundings are or what's going on, but at least I know. If she were to go tomorrow, I know that somebody else has a little something of her.

Although the backyard swimming pool was installed last week, the Make A Wish Foundation is hosting a pool party for Aizza later this month.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com