Update: Teen Killed, Man Arrested In Alleged Drug House Shooting

An East Texas teen has been shot to death in an alleged drug house.

25 year old Brence Wayne Darragh is in the Rusk County jail Wednesday, charged with manslaughter. Police say he shot and killed 18 year old Michael Ray Knight Tuesday morning at a home on County Road 488, just outside the Carlisle community in Rusk County.

Authorities say it was at Darragh's home where Knight kicked in the door and demanded drugs. Deputies say that when Knight refused to leave, Darragh allegedly shot him once in the chest, and once in the neck.

Friends of Knight told KLTV 7 News last night that he was desperately trying to get off drugs.

"He was trying to get off of the stuff that he was on," said Rachel Pardue, a friend of Knight's. "...He was hanging out with the right people, but one night messed his life up."

Authorities say they could upgrade Darragh's manslaughter charges to murder charges.

An autopsy on Michael Ray Knight has been ordered.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com