Does it Work?: Thumbs Up Driver

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - If you've ever described yourself as "all thumbs" when it comes to home improvement projects, you might find yourself standing in a store looking at the Thumbs Up Driver. But first, it has to pass the Does It Work test.

The Thumbs Up Driver is all about 'on hand operation' - it's a 6-in-1 tool. It reminded us of one of the pens we'd use in grade school, where you'd push buttons down to get different colors of ink.

There was no hard plastic package to open - it just slides right out. When you push up on a button you get a different driver head. A large flat head, a smaller flat head, a Phillips head, a smaller Phillips head, an even smaller Phillips head and a star shaped head - 6 tools in one.

The top of the device is made of metal. In the package, it looked like it might be shiny painted plastic, but it's real.

It's also easy to see which button to push with your thumb, because they're each marked with the appropriate sign.

The Phillips head made quick enough work of a wood screw, and our first fear about this product is not realized. We were a little worried that the head would retract when you put pressure on it. But it held pretty tight - very tight, actually.

Next, we found something to test the flat-head on, and that worked too. We also took apart and put back together a few electronics with the tiny Phillips head. You'll find most of your household uses are covered with this product.

We did notice that we couldn't get it down inside some smaller spots or holes to get to the screw inside.

It was nice to have one tool to cover both the Phillips head screw and the flat head on the top of a tape deck we worked on.

We found it to be a well-made, complex multi-use screwdriver. If you can only have one in the house, this is the one to have.

Does it work? We give it a yes.

We paid $9.99 for the Thumbs Up Driver at Walgreen's.

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