Young Lindale Girl Plays, Sings To Sell Figs

Talk about singing for your supper!

A young Lindale girl is playing and singing on the side of the road, all to help her friend sell some fresh produce. The produce stand is set-up on FM 849 and Doris Drive in Lindale.

KLTV 7 News Courtney Lane stopped by today and shows us what these two have cooked-up.

As 14-year old Whitney Rodriguez picks and plays at her guitar, east Texans can pick out some home-grown veggies.

It's quite a creative business plan by Whitney and her neighbor, Sammy Martin.

The two cooked the idea up to pass time this summer, plus make a little extra cash on the side.

"Well, we have all kinds of fruit trees and stuff and we just get bored," explained Whitney.

"It all comes to us from my mom's garden, which is down the road back down there," said Sammy.

While figs are a unique attraction, there's a whole lot more.

"Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash banana peppers and yellow peppers."

And helping draw-in the crowds is Whitney's angelic voice.

Whitney says, it's working. "Yesterday, there was a guy and he's like 'so if I buy your stuff will you sing me a song,' and I'm like, sure!"

And the more you buy, she might even yodel.

Growing up in Lindale, who else is a bigger inspiration for this young singer than Miranda Lambert.

"She came from Lindale and she made it really big and awesome. If she can do it then you know, it's cool."

Whitney's already won several competitions, and she plans on going all the way to the top.

"I really want to go to Nashville Star and win, just take it home."

So, if you stop by, you'll not only help them meet their summer goals, but you just may meet a future star.

Whitney is a finalist in the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame competition.

That's coming up August 15th in Carthage.

She's also won other talent shows, including The USA World Showcase in Las Vegas.

Courtney Lane, reporting.