Family Dollar Store Robberies In Tyler, Longview May Be Serial Robber

Tyler Police are now looking into two overnight burglaries, and they're just the latest in a possible string of break-ins.

Two different Family Dollar stores were robbed early this morning. The first happened around 3:00 am on west Front Street and the Loop. The other happened on Front Street and Beckham.

Is a serial burglar at work?

KLTV 7 News' Layron Livingston has more on the investigation, and one store hit twice in less than a week.

Last week, Tyler police say 59 year old Maurice Cain robbed the Family Dollar on Front Street and the Loop.

But last night, while Cain was in jail, burglars struck at this same store a second time.

Harium Harris was at a medical appointment this morning next door, when he noticed the store doors, wide open.

"We was going down in front of the Dollar Store, and when we did, we noticed that the lock was hanging out of the door...and I pulled on the door and it was opened, and I hollered..."

The alarm went off, and he called police, who were already handling another burglary just down the road. The Family Dollar on the corner of Beckham and Front Street was also burglarized overnight.

"They just got in here with some pry bar and tore it open."

Rick Cone says over the past few days, he's been busy replacing more and more doors.

"They've been breaking the glass doors, so they're getting a little better."

And not just in Tyler.

Police say they're now getting reports of Dollar Store break-ins in Gilmer, Gladewater, and Longview.

"It's almost like this group of individuals doing this, would come in, target an area, and then, boom, they're gone."

Officer Don Martin with Tyler Police doesn't know why the stores are being targeted, but he does warn residents to keep a watch out.

"[If they see] someone walking around a business that's definitely closed, they need to call us...someone in the back of a residence, two or three cars at the back door, huddled up, they definitely need to call 9-1-1."

There was no cash left in either store, so the burglars left empty-handed. Police say they know at least two men are involved.

If you have any information, please call Tyler Police.

Layron Livingston, reporting.