TISD Superintendent Finalist Talks

Dr. David Simmons says his 3 trips to Tyler have been a whirlwind. With most of that time spent behind closed doors, he's barely had a chance identify what challenges he could face as the new superintendent. While he's familiar with the districts defeated bond proposal--he's hasn't see TISD firsthand, "I really haven't had a chance to physically inspect any of the campuses," Simmons admits. "I've seen several of them from the road and just driving by."

He says without taking a close look the conditions there's uncertainty of where a new bond would fall on his priority list. "I don't want to give the impression that would be the very first thing when I could come to town."

At this time is priorities focus on education, "I view facilities as the overall part of the instructional process and a key component but the number one key component that I would emphasis is student performance and academic standards."

Realizing those academic standards come by way of good facilities, good teachers and solid programs he says it will take time to weave it all together after meeting more staff, students and parents. "I do get a feeling the community is very supportive," explains Dr. Simmons. "Looking for an increased communication from the school district; I think that something we can definitely look at improving."

A goal he hopes to achieve over the next few weeks after getting aquatinted with our community...ready to face challenges that will improve education for Tyler children.

Here's a little background on Dr. David Simmons, who's a native Texan. Currently, he's in his 4th year as Superintendent of Texas City Schools. Before that, he was a Superintendent in Wimberley and Presidio. He has a bachelors and masters degree in education from Stephen F. Austin and a doctorate from Texas A&M. Again, Dr. Simmons is a finalist, therefore no contract negotiation has been discussed. He has 21 days by state law waiting period before he can be hired. It's estimated Dr. Simmons is making $105 thousand dollar salary at his current position. Former TISD Superintendent Donald Gentry's retired making around $129 thousand dollars.