Woman Selling Her Soul On Ebay

"Whoever bids on my soul, they need to take it very seriously."

Carrie Crain of Dripping Springs is selling her soul on ebay.

"I hope to transfer all my good positive energy to them, and they will do great things, that's what I hope. And my creativity."

That creativity is what got Crain here in the first place. She's working on a screenplay. It's about a woman who, guess what, sells her soul on ebay too.

"I decided to really get into the character, my heroine's mind - I had to do it."

Crain calls it research. Her husband Garry calls it a little nuts.

"I don't know if she wrote about murder if she'd had to go out and shoot somebody, which of course would have never happened."

Garry says he's used to his wife's quirks and he'll help her with all the technical stuff.

" In as much as it's an inanimate object, transferring title would be kind of difficult. "

Crain has that, and plenty of other difficult questions to answer.

"So are you getting a new one?"

" Yeah, I'm sure I will."

"How much of this is serious?"

"Well, it was just kind of comical and whimsical til now you're like scaring me."

She also has an email box full of other inquiries.

"What is your refund policy if I'm not completely satisfied?"

"Do you have other similar items for sale on EBay?"

"Who is this guy? I'm like whatever."

A lot of talk, but so far no cash.

"Maybe they are waiting til the last minute."

Probably. Because the starting bid for Crain's soul is only a grand. Now she says that's a knock out for something usually considered priceless.

Story and video courtesy of CNN Newsource.