Smith County Murder Suspects Arraigned on Jeffery Joplin's Death

Bond's set at one million dollars for four suspects returned to East Texas from Paducah, Kentucky in the murder of a 36-year-old Smith County man.

One by one Judge Diane Devasto appointed defense attorneys to the three men and one woman charged in the capital murder of Jeffery Joplin last week.

All the suspects, including the victim's ex-girlfriend Heather Mizer claimed they were unable to pay for their defense. The DA reminded the Judge, Sean Willhelm, the defendant who allegedly stabbed Joplin, was a flight risk since he fled to Paducah.

Brett Matthews and Joseph Walton are Kentucky residents, but prosecutor, Alicia Cashell says there's a history with Mizer, Willhelm and Justin Clap who allegedly assisted in the deadly beating, stabbing and strangulation.

As for Clapp, he'll remain in Paducah until a Governor's warrant is issued to return him to Smith County.