City Enforcing PACE Violations, Writing Citations

Examples of PACE violations.
Examples of PACE violations.
Examples of PACE violations.
Examples of PACE violations.
Examples of PACE violations.
Examples of PACE violations.

The City of Tyler Pro-Active Code Enforcement Program was formally launched in January 2008.  In the last six months, more than 3,000 potential violations have been investigated by code officers; the majority of the actual violations identified were high vegetation and weeds as well as junk vehicles.

The focus of the PACE program is to educate the community about code violations and to give residents an opportunity to bring their property into compliance.

Of the 3,000 initial inspections, only 42 resulted in the issuance of a citation.  The majority of residents have responded to the initial communication and resolved the violation.

"We want to make citizens aware of what the code violations are so the issues can be addressed before the department starts heavily enforcing the rules," Council Member Donald Sanders said.

The top five violations investigated include:

  • High vegetation and weeds (1161) - All uncultivated vegetation 18 inches or higher, including grass and brush.
  • Junk vehicles (669) - A vehicle is considered a junk vehicle if it does not have a current vehicle registration sticker and a current vehicle inspection sticker, and
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  • it is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or,
  • it is inoperable on public property for 72 consecutive hours; or,
  • it is inoperable on private property for 30 days.
  • Trash and junk on property (407) - All trash rubbish and abandoned materials must be removed from property, disposed of, or stored. 
  • Trees/fallen limbs (231)
  • Furniture (101)

"Empowering the citizens to help address these code violation issues will not only clean up our community, but build community pride," Council Member Ralph Caraway said.