A Better East Texas: Gregg County Tax Office Experiment

The Gregg County Tax Assessor Collector has conducted an experiment for the past two weeks whereas the tax offices hours of operation have changed from being open 5 days a week to 4 days a week.  They have extended the hours on the four days that the office is open so, on paper, the service looks unchanged.

The move is an attempt to reduce the number of times the tax office employees have to drive to work ultimately saving them money.  There has been some criticism on the potential reduction in services and security and I believe that should have been looked at a little harder, but I do applaud the idea of experimenting in this way, if and only if, the level of service is not affected.  Businesses and municipalities alike are going through the most challenging expense control need in recent memory and business as usual will not cut it.

City and county law enforcement agencies, municipal services and other entities will have to address this issue in their own unique way but reducing or eliminating services is not part of the solution.  So this is a time when elected officials earn their keep.  Look critically at your areas of responsibility and save the tax payers some money and that will make this a better East Texas.

Viewer Comments:

In ref to the Smith County offices being open only 4 days--I think it is great.  But, if it is not working for the public--why not try keeping the offices open 5 days--but rotate the employees days off.  This way everyone is better served. This worked well at an office I worked at for 11 yrs.

Keep up the good work!