Restaurants That Had Low Scores

Tio's restaurant at 13421 I-20 west in Lindale was inspected June 11th. On the buffet line, ribs were noted at 104 to 124 degrees, should be 140 or hotter. Also, there were problems with foods that should be held cold... 45 degrees or below. More than a 100 pounds of food was thrown out. Food was mislabeled. Signs of rodents under the beverage area. The score: an 80. On a recheck the next day, cleaners were found improperly stored. Other problems had been corrected. Tio's score a 93.

China Cafe at 2001 WSW Loop 323 was inspected June 17th. Fish sticks were at 112-120 degrees... should be 140 or hotter. They were immediately reheated to 165F. Also, a problem with the kitchen handsink facilities. And medicine should have been in proper storage. All problems were corrected immediately. The score an 86. On a recheck the next day, china cafe had no violations, and scored a 100.

Hupei at 1125 E. Fifth Street was inspected June 16th. Salad bar had an item as high as 51F, should be 45F or below. Crab was discarded. Steam line ranged from 127 to 147F, should all be 140F or hotter.  Raw meat products stored over produce in the walk-in cooler. Numerous flies in kitchen, back screen door didn't properly close. Dish machine was not sanitizing at start of inspection. Problem was corrected. And a cutting board needed to be replaced. The score an 87.

Dairy Queen on FM 2493 in Gresham was inspected June 4th. Sour cream was tested at 70f. Was discarded. Flies were also noted. The score an 89.

And Jake's BBQ at 12953 Hwy 64 in Tyler was inspected June 24th. Cream pie was tested at 83f, should be 45 or below. And beef was at 121 to 134 degrees, should be 140 or hotter. Jake's score a 90. A recheck is pending.