Ten-Digit Dialing Coming to East Texas

Once it was five numbers to ring a neighbor, now it's seven, ten is next.

The area code "903" is not going away, instead the new 430 will overlap it. Come February 15th, if you don't dial the code first, you won't get through.

The beauty of the new system is that we have seven months to get used to it, to change our address books and speed dial. But if you dial into the internet, there's a change you won't want to forget.

You'll need to make sure your computer will dial ten digits to connect you.

"For the past six years we've been doing the internet stuff, we have always had to put that check box out because we didn't want you to think it was a long distance call."

Clicking on your modem's dialing properties, and area code, check the box.  "Ten digit dialing."

The change will also cause big pain to alarm companies. Many of the systems dial in using local phone lines.. all of those will have to be manually adjusted.

Diana Rhinehart of SSC Security says when the Metroplex switched area codes, it was a huge hassle.

"Appointments had to be set, technicians had to be sent out, just a big waste of time and money."

SSC now has it's customers like on an 800 phone system. For everyone else: "It's just going to be a niusance."

Seven digits is going the way of the rotary phone... in just seven months. Time to plan, but don't be on hold too long.