Smith County Man And Family Dog Murdered

The Smith County Sheriff's Department is combing a Flint home, Saturday for clues, trying to find the person who killed Dex Bailey Mclean, 20.  Mclean's body was discovered by his parents around 3:30 a.m., Saturday in their home, which is located in the 14,000 Block of Harbor Way Drive in Flint.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department said Mclean had suffered from head injuries. They're not sure, however, of an exact cause of death until autopsy results are back.  Mclean had just been arrested last month for possession of marijuana.  All afternoon, investigators combed the crime scene for clues.  Neighbors tell KLTV they really only saw Mclean when he was out riding his motorcycle and sports car, and that normally it's a really quiet and safe neighborhood.

"Everybody pretty much keeps to themselves," said Bobby Williams, who lives down the street. "If you need help, people help you, and we have a neighborhood watch."

"Well, I'm praying for them," said Mclean's neighbor Becky Williams.  "We didn't know them that well, but that's someone's son, and I'm praying for them."  Investigators said the suspects also killed the family's dog, a chocolate lab.  They said it could have been a burglary attempt, but there were no signs of forced entry.

Neighbors said they didn't hear anything Friday night, expect for fireworks.  KLTV will stay on top of this murder investigation and bring you the latest as it develops.

Courtney Lane, Reporting