Balloon Race Also Featuring Rides In WWII Fighter Plane

A unique flight experience is being offered during the upcoming Great Texas Balloon Race that promises to thrill passengers.

30 tickets still remain for a chance to fly in a vintage WWII T-6 fighter aircraft, which will be held at the upcoming Great Texas Balloon Race.

Originally a training aircraft, those who go up will get a chance to see what it was like to fly in a WWII warbird.

"It brings back a lot of memories, it may not be the most comfortable plane in the world and it may not be the most exotic airplane in the world, but it gives you that seat of the pants thrill that only a pilot can experience," said Lt. Colonel Richard Furman, the Balloon Race Director.

There will be a T-6 flyover demonstration at the Balloon Race, and four people will be selected for flights.

For ticket information, you can call (903) 757-5049.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.