Inmate Determined To Escape; Van Zandt County Sheriffs Determined To Catch Him

It took more than two hours and spanned across four counties. A Dallas county inmate takes off in a Van Zandt county Sheriff's deputy truck, but is eventually stopped in his tracks.

It all began just after noon today at Hiram Road and I-20. That's where authorities say 29 year old David Sprague was able to get control of the deputy's truck. But, that wasn't the only truck he stole Thursday afternoon.

KLTV 7's Molly Reuter takes us through the day's events.

29 year old David Sprague, authorities say, did anything he could to escape from custody this afternoon.

"It could have been worse, yes, it could've been much worse," Sheriff Pat Burnett told KLTV 7 this afternoon.

This morning, a Van Zandt County Sheriff's deputy was transferring Sprauge from Dallas county to Van Zandt County for questioning. But, near the Kaufman and Van Zandt county line, the deputy made a stop, and Sprague, authorities say, took advantage of it.

"This guy got out of his belt, jumped over the seat handcuffed, and took off in our patrol truck before the officer could get back to him," said Sheriff Burnett.

Sprague didn't make it far. He ended up in a creek bottom where he changed into some deputy clothese that were in the truck, stole an assault rifle, and ditched the truck.

"At that point in time he got out, walked down a creek bed under the interstate, and stole another pick-up," explained Burnett.

Authorities say Sprague's mother works at a nearby motel. Deputies were there waiting for Sprague in case he took off down the street.

"Not being able to drive a one-ton very well, the officers were able to get him stopped and take him into custody without any major incident."

Which Burnett says is a blessing.

"You are going to have these incidents happen, I am just blessed as a Sheriff of this county not to have anyone hurt. That's the number one thing."

Molly Reuter, reporting.

Molly Reuter, reporting.