Sixty-Foot Flag Unfurled At White Oak State Bank

Pride and patriotism were foremost on the minds of some east Texans today in Gregg County, as they unfurled the standard that is so recognized world-wide: the American flag.

KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on a flag that will catch the eyes of many for miles around.

With the help of Marines from Longview, White Oak State Bank hoisted its new pride and joy - a 60-foot American flag.

"I didn't know hardly what to think, that's the first time I'd ever seen it like that," Willie Pace, a veteran of WWII told us.

Raising the giant flag in time for Independence Day, it's a reminder that to many that it's not just a piece of cloth.

"It's a living entity. It represents America herself, so anytime we get the chance to give it respect and dignity we love it," Sgt. Jonathan Courts of the USMC said.

"A lot of lives have been lost over the flag, it represents our freedom and I just want people to see it and feel greatful for the men and women who have defended it," the White Oak State Bank President, George Moody, told us.

The flag has been through many design changes over the years, but it has always represented the same thing.

"Just to know that it represents the United States and it's still something to be thankful for," said Pace.

"Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent, it doesn't matter - this represents every one of us."

For over 200 years its symbolized American tenacity, and those today hope it will still be that way in another 200 years.

The 60 by 30 foot flag flies on a 100-foot flagpole, and was specially made for White Oak State Bank by a company in Beaumont called US Flag and Flagpole Supply.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.