Van Zandt County Inmate Found

David Sprauge
David Sprauge

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department has now found the inmate who commandeered one of their vehicles this afternoon. The inmate was found in a stolen one-ton Chevy truck at about 2:30 pm this afternoon, off of FM 47 and I-20 (the Wills Point exit).

The stolen Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office squad truck was found a short time later.

David Sprauge, the inmate, apparently stole the deputies' truck, drove it into a creek bed, got out and then stole the other truck in which the deputies found him.

Sprauge had been arrested for burglary of a habitation in Kaufman County and escaped while officers were using him to locate different burglary locations.

He was dressed in black and white striped prison wear and climbed into the front of the vehicle when an officer stepped outside. He was handcuffed at the time of the escape.

It happened around the Kaufman-Van Zandt County line this morning. / Cathryn Khalil