Wood County Fighting Copper Thefts With Nanotechnology

There is a new tool in the fight against copper theft in east Texas.

At the Wood County Electric Cooperative, new nano-technology was demonstrated that will help identify and mark copper wire and other high theft items.

Data-Dots, containing information on the location and ownership of the item, is sprayed onto the item, and when dry becomes invisible to those who might steal it.

A scan by a black light shows the dots.

Officials see the new technology as a way to significantly cut the incidents of copper theft.

"it's a long way from 30 years, but that's what technology does over a period of years, and we couldn't ask for a better tool to work with," said Wood County Sheriff Duane Daugherty.

"It gives us a tool, we're looking at this for prevention more than anything else we want to get the word out that our equipment is identified and maybe make the thieves think twice," said Robert Norman of the Wood County Electric Co-Op.

Copper thefts in Wood County alone cost over 1.5 million dollars last year.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com