'Pray For Pam' Signs Reflect Prayer's Benefit In Action

The message is simple: Pray for Pam.

KLTV 7 News' Lakecia Shockley set out to find out more about Pam and the messages she's receiving from strangers - messages that mean so much.

A true eye catcher at first sight, it caught the attention of Natalie Fulton.

And for Natalie, despite not knowing who Pam was, the message hit close to home.

"One day it just hit me, I'm going to get cancer too if I keep smoking, because my mother died at 55 of cancer, my father died at 62 of cancer," said Natalie.

"One person can make a difference even if it's just through prayer."

Prayer is what keeps Pam Pope going. For seven months, she's battled brain cancer.

"It ended up being a grade 4, glioblastoma which is the worst kind of cancer you could have in your brain."

For Pam, her family, friends, and prayer emails have been her rock. On her Caring Bridge website alone, she's received 12,000 posts from complete strangers who pray for her.

"It's absolutely wonderful that people are praying for me and obviously it's helping, because I could be a lot worse," said Pam.

"There's no reason to worry about 'is it going to get worse, am I going to die?' That doesn't help anything. I wake up every morning and thank God that I get to live a fantastic day with my family."

Rebecca Houston is just one of several women responsible for getting people to pray for Pam.

"We thought these signs, whether they know Pam or not, would be a way to not only minster to Pam, but minister to other people that prayers works."

And those prayers in action reflect the message on Pam's fireplace mantle.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting. lshockley@kltv.com