Police Union Seeking Longview Chief to Resign

Tuesday,  members of Longview Fraternal Order of Police dropped their bombshell on their department by asking Chief A.J. Key to step down. But the announcement and subsequent fallout has angered many who support Chief Key. Although the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police have asked for Chief Key's resignation.  The other organization, the Longview Police Officers Association doesn't agree. They say there are problems that need to be addressed, but they are not asking for the chief's resignation. In a public release, L.P.O.A. says that although there are problems at the department... "We have not called for the resignation of Chief Key... Even though there are low morale and accountability issues, and officers remain upset." Some officers are upset at the F.O.P.for getting into a numbers game, saying there is a frightening increase in all areas of crime.