Man Robs Local Family Dollar, Leaves His Pants Behind

This afternoon, Tyler Police were alerted to the robbery at the Family Dollar Store on West Front Street and Loop 323.

KLTV 7's Layron Livingston was there as the search began for one bold robber, his bold crime caught on tape.

Shortly before one this afternoon, a man walked into a Family Dollar looking for a different kind of bargain: a five finger discount.

"When he went up the cash register, he told the clerk, 'give me all your money'...and she thought he was joking," Don Martin with Tyler Police told us today.

On camera you can see the man lifting his shirt as if he had a gun. That's when the clerk realized, it was no joke.

"He repeated again, give me all your money....if you don't do it, I'm going to shoot you."

The suspect grabbed the cash, headed out the door, then came around the corner of the store, took off across this field to a nearby trail, leading to the woods and the railroad track.

Within minutes, police were on scene.

Officers flooded the area, searching in car, on foot - questioning anyone who may have seen anything.

The robber was nowhere to be found, but he did leave something behind.

"I believe we just located his jeans...We're in the process of using our K-9 to see if we can track the suspect, see if it might lead us to his location," said Martin.

Thankfully, the clerk was not hurt, and hopefully, police catch up with the robber soon.

It's not known if the suspect actually had a gun during the robbery, but Police still want him off the streets. He's described as a black male in his late 20s to early 30s, last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, sunglasses and dark shoes. If you have any information, please call Tyler Police.

Layron Livingston, Reporting