Baby Bentley Needs Multiple Organ Transplants, And Your Help

His first year of life has been a miracle. Baby Bentley Brands was born with 'short gut syndrome' and was not expected to live, but his parents refused to accept that.

They tell KLTV 7's Courtney Lane, how they're fighting for his life and praying he can get a transplant.

Life is far from ordinary for baby Bentley and his young parents.

He was born with only 10 centimeters, just less than 4 inches of small intestines - just 10 percent of what children normally have.

Bentley must be fed lipids through a central line, to stay alive, but his parents are fighting alongside him every day.

"We just look at him as a healthy, normal child like everybody else, just has a little condition we have to take care of," said Chris Brands, Bentley's father.

"I was just praying the whole time I was delivering that he was going to come out looking normal and be fine and he came out crying and looked just so cute and adorable and as normal as can be," Danielle Brooks, Bentley's mom, told us.

Weighing under 5 pounds and with this rare syndrome, doctors didn't expect Bentley to live.

Then they learned he could be eligible for a transplant surgery.

Bentley is now on a list to receive a new liver, pancreas, and small intestines.

"Every time I pray for bentley at night I pray for the donor's family because you don't ever think about the other side of it, and it's scary, and you don't ever wish that on anybody," said Danielle.

But, time is running out as they wait for the call.

"It could be weeks, a month, a year."

And in the meantime, Bentley's liver is failing.

"We don't know how long his liver's going to hold out, so it's kind of scary."

His parents want to try a new treatment in Pennsylvania that could save his liver.

The only problem is that it's an experimental drug, which means insurance won't cover any of the costs.

Gas is expensive - car payments, insurance, rent, flights back and forth to Pennsylvania - that's taking a dent in our wallet," said Chris.

They're managing the best they can, and giving all the love they have, but now they're asking for your help so their little miracle can keep on growing.

There are a couple of ways to help baby Bentley.

A silent auction will be held August 16th at the Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson.

Several bands will also perform, starting around 6:00 pm.

Or, you can donate straight to the Henderson Federal Savings Bank.

A fund is set up under Bentley Brands.

Courtney Lane, reporting.