Kids with Diabetes Enjoy Camp

Diabetes doesn't mean kids can't lead a normal life.

This week those words are being put into action at the 15th annual East Texas Medical Center Diabetes Camp.

Campers ages six to fifteen may need to check their blood sugar, but that's the only sizable difference you'll see at diabetes camp.

"Well because the other people kind of understand what it's like to have diabetes and there are three other people with the pump like I have," says Tyler Ross.

Teaching the young diabetics to be independent is a priority. So camp counselors give lessons in diet and keeping their diabetes in check in a fun, fearless atmosphere. Swimming, canoeing and fishing are all on the agenda. More than anything else, kids are finding out there are others living with diabetes just like them.

"They are normal. Everybody's eating and checking their blood sugars. They're are learning about diabetes and they are talking about it and that's a good thing," says Marie Taylor.

All the diabetes campers will spend the week at Camp Tyler for free thanks to donations from several volunteers and organizations.