Gladewater Middle School Eliminates Backpacks

Students often carry five, six or even more books inside their school backpacks.

"I've got one daughter, bless her heart, she doesn't use her locker at all. She totes everything in her backpack which is not good for her back but she's just that type of person she wants everything right there," says parent Melissa Fleming.

But after several kids complained about backpain the school decided to change their policy to no backpacks at all.

It's a new policy that students aren't sure they're gonna like, " I will forget my notebook like in the desk and stuff and people could steal stuff out of it so I don't think I like that, "says student Jesse Garland.

Melissa says, " I'm not real passionate about it either way. My children I know they don't like it. They're the type of children they want to be able to tote stuff in their back packs. "

Here's how the new policy will work:  each student will be issued two textbooks for each class. One book will stay in the classroom while the second will remain at home.

"The only problem that I foresee is that having to have the 5 books sent home with each child and each child having to keep up with five books at home", says parent Jeanine Garland.

The lockers will stay and school administration say the student's school supplies will be kept in there.

If girls need to bring purses they will still have to be see through bags.

And while students may not be excited about the changes the new policy goes into effect in August.