Fraternal Order Of Police Ask Longview's Chief To Resign

Longview's Fraternal Order of Police is calling for the resignation of their police chief.

The announcement came today during a press conference with dozens of officers showing their support.

"Chief Key has shown an inability to effectively preform his duties to the city of Longview by mismanaging a quarter of a million dollars of the city's budget and enacting decisions that have directly led to the rampant increase in crime in our city and he has lost the ability to encourage and motivate his employees," says F.O.P. president, Chris Bethard.

Longview's city manager, Ricky Childers, responded with this statement, "Chief Key has been successful in reducing the vacancy rate while at the same time raising the education standard for new officers. Our public and citizens are better served because of chief Key's integrity and accountability standards."

Key has been police chief in Longview for three years.

Since that time the Fraternal Order of Police say violent crimes have jumped 19%.

The officers also accuse Key of ignoring complaints about a fellow officer's misconduct and reassigning the sergeant who made the complaint as punishment.