East Texan Returns Home From Disaster Relief

It's the little moments that Jillian Baltista and her daughter Delia enjoy today. Time that has been dearly missed for the past three weeks, "She doesn't want to be out of my arms," says Jillian of her two year old baby girl. "She's been in my arms since I've gotten home, literally! Even when we're sleeping."

A single mother, and an Americorp member who volunteers with the Red Cross, Jillian made back to back trips--from the wildfires in Arizona to the floods in San Antonio. Leaving her family behind meant helping someone else's. "I just love going out there and being part of this big organization that can help them without giving back."

What she gained was life changing...seeing what so many people have lost...and what others are barley clinging to.

"Then when I come home and I walk into my house with my nice furniture and air conditioning, "Jillian says she took for granted before. "These people who are there--they can't lock their doors at night and make sure their kids are safe."

Tyler's Red Cross just sent three more volunteers to San Antonio to assist in the floods.