New 'Hyatt Place' Hotel Part Of Growing Tyler Trend

From the Loop to Broadway, they're popping up all over the city of Tyler - more and more hotels.

KLTV 7's Layron Livingston shows us how the trend is just a sign of the times, and it's only the beginning.

Hotel - motel - Holiday leaders say buildings like these in the city of Tyler are a welcomed sight.

"You're seeing a dream beginning to be realized with these developments," said Barbara Holly, the director of the City of Tyler Planning.

Within the next few months, Tyler will be home to more than 5 brand new hotels, adding nearly a thousand more available rooms inside the city limitsm with no plans of stopping any time soon.

"Tyler has been under served with hotels....and people have discovered that," said Holly today.

Even now, not much is going on on this piece of tract we saw today, but developers hope to change that very soon.

We looked at an artist's rendering of a Hyatt Place, the latest proposed addition to the Cumberland Park development. It boasts nearly 130 new rooms as well as a 6,200 square foot conference center, and green spaces.

"We're moving towards what they call a lifestyle center, where they're doing more things where people can live, work, play...all in the same city," said Holly.

Of course, more people in more hotels means more traffic, something city officials say they hope to address.

Justin Turner is Vice President of Tourism with the Tyler Chamber of Commerce. He says more traffic definitely has its benefits.

"They say for each dollar they spend in the community...they say that turns into ten dollars."

And those signs, he says, are a mixed blessing

"That helps us when we want to get sports teams in here. We want to bring in larger conventions...We need more rooms."

Rooms for staying - here to stay.

Today, the Planning and Zoning Committee of Tyler approved the Hyatt Place plans to go before the city council.  The council expects to vote on the final plan in the coming week.

Layron Livingston, reporting.