Upshur County Introducing New Prescription Cards

It's a nice break when it comes to paying for prescription drugs, with no strings attached - and it's thanks to an unlikely source.

In about two months, prescription drug discount cards will be available to Upshur County residents thanks to their county government.

And, it's a discount that officials say your county can take advantage of.

In the 35 years that The Med Shop in Gilmer has filled east Texas prescriptions, costs have gone up.

But, thanks to a new prescription discount card. customers are getting some relief.

"This county has a lot of indigent. They could use the help you know, they're not insured. Lots of people are not insured and anytime you can get 10 to 20 percent savings, it's gonna be great."

County Judge Dean Fowler says these discount prescription cards are going to do just that.

The county is ordering 100,000 cards for every Upshur County resident.

It's a benefit from the National Association of Counties, of which Upshur County is a member.

While the county paid an $1,800 membership fee, there are no enrollment fees, no forms and no age or income requirements for residents.

Also, there is no additional cost to the county, taxpayers or participants.

It's a discount deal that Judge Fowler says benefits everyone.

"It almost is too good to be true, and I was a little skeptical in the beginning...I think the most important thing is that our citizens understand it's available. All you have to do is pick up this little brochure and hand it to the pharmacists."

Pharmacy customers we talked to say the discount card would be a great benefit.

"I think any time you can save money it's a good thing, so with gas prices and everything the way it is," said Karin Tackett.

"I like it, I'll take it! Give me a card now, and I'll go back up there and collect...I have relatives that don't have prescription coverage and a lot of times they don't cover a lot of things for her."

The only stipulation on the prescription drug cards is that you can't use it in conjunction with insurance - and county officials say it's a card that would benefit other east Texas counties.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.