Davis Grateful For Chance To Play At Home

What a way to start a career for Chris Davis.

Five days in the majors and he's already set a Rangers record. Davis homered in his first two starts, showing the power that's taken him from Longview all the way to the majors.

"I constantly worked with my hitting coaches," Davis told KLTV 7 Sports, "to get things down pat. I was able to put up good numbers and keep climbing the ladder."

So the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is Chris Davis's new office, the same ballpark he went to as a kid, and playing for the same team he used to cheer for.

"It was unbelievable," Davis said. "I've watched games here growing up, and watched Rangers games ever since I was young. To be a part of it now, it's just a dream come true."

"The first night I looked up and saw the names on the back of the jerseys; Young, Hamilton, Bradley, Kinsler.  Now my name's on the back of these jerseys, and I get to run out on the field with those guys."

"It's an honor and a privilege, and something I could really get used to."

While Chris Davis makes himself at home at the ballpark, he knows he still represents his home town.

"The first night I was out here, there were a lot of East Texas fans and it's always good to see all those faces. I know I have a lot of people supporting me and I appreciate that. I've had a fun road coming up here, and everybody from East Texas has been very supportive. Obviously I represent Longview when I'm up here and I'm proud of that."

So after two years in the minors, Davis has his ticket to the big leagues. He will do whatever it takes to stay there.

Reid Kerr reporting, rkerr@kltv.com