Sen. Cornyn Visits Tyler, Encourages Domestic Oil Exploration

Senator John Cornyn was in east Texas today, visiting the Brookshire's plant in Tyler.

The Senator listened to Brookshire's management concerns about rising fuel costs, and how they were conserving gas.

Some of their employees have switched to a four day work week, and they are working on new truck technologies to save fuel.

Senator Cornyn says we need to conserve what we have, and be open to domestic exploration.

"We need to use less and develop more. We also need to use good old fashioned American ingenuity to develop new technologies, some of which I have seen here. Going from two tires to one tire, cutting down on wind drag, trying to find optimal speed limits, those are really important things to try and hold down costs, to conserve energy, and be more efficient. But Congress is the problem right now when it comes to opening up 85% of our resources that are currently out of bounds because of laws passed by Congress dating back to the 1980s."

Cornyn says Congress needs to open up resources like the lands off our coasts, the oil shale, and oil in Alaska.

Danielle Capper, reporting.