East Texas Girl Fighting Brain Tumor With Her Family And East Texas' Help

Doctors say she may never talk again, but one east Texas family is not giving up hope.

In March, 14 year old Courtney Egan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and epilepsy.

Doctors say surgery could disable her. As KLTV 7's Molly Reuter shows us, her family is now asking for the public's help to get Courtney the best care possible.

At first glance, 14 year old Courtney Egan looks and acts just like any teenage girl.

You'd never know she has a brain tumor and epilepsy, causing her to have thousands of seizures inside her head everyday.

"I like to dance," says Courtney Egan.

And dance is what Teresa Wilkins, Courtney's mother, wants to see her daughter do the rest of her life.

But, that may not be possible.

"Right now, they are telling us when they go in and remove the tumor that she may not be able to talk again, and she may lose the ability to use her arms and her legs," Wilkins told us today.

It's a fight that Courtney and her mother, however, are not ready to surrender.

Today at Premier Fitness in Tyler, they held a benefit bake sale and silent auction for Courtney.

Wilkins says she wants to send Courtney to a Houston hospital for a second opinion, but that costs money.

"We have been making many trips back and forth from Dallas and its been averaging about 100 dollars every trip that we make....We don't want people feeling sorry for her, and she doesn't want that. We just want her to be able to have the best care that there is."

Already, Courtney and Wilkins say the generosity has been surprising.

"It means a lot that a community is helping me," said Courtney today.

"You know it can hit anybody, and nobody is too good to have it happen to them," Wilkins said.

If you would like to help Courtney Egan, a fund as been set up in her name at Kelly Community Federal Credit Union.

You can also make donations at Premier Fitness in Tyler.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com