Pritchett Water Makes Agreement With Residents

The decision was simple. The president of the company, James Eitel said tonight, he'd pay for the installation of the new meters, lines and membership fees for the two families at tonight's meeting.

Those two families said they simply couldn't afford to pay the $425 fee.

Eitel said he would then let those families pay him back.

Originally, the deadline for the 425 dollar fee was today at 4 PM, but Eitel has extended that until tomorrow.

Raintree resident, Crystal Powell says she's happy about the decision, but weary as to why the water supply president changed his mind.

"Ok, maybe they do care about it, but I think a lot of it had to do with them being put in the spot light. I feel like if you guys wouldn't have been here I don't think it would have went the way that it went," says Powell.

In response Eitel had this to say. "I'm just tired of listening -- I just want to put it to rest and get on with the water company business."

Channel Seven asked Mr. Eitel if he would be willing to talk to any other family that can't afford to pay the fee to see if they could be put on a similar payment plan. He said he would talk to them and consider it. But he stresses they must contact him first. He also said he's going to decide himself which families he will help and which he won't based on need. 58 of the 80 or so families have already paid their 425 dollars.

Pritchett water customers who don't pay the fee or make arrangements by tomorrow -- will have to pay 1000 dollars for the new equipment.