Update: Travis Street Shooting Stems From Family Problems, Says Investigators

Authorities are looking for a person of interest connected with the shooting that lead to arson.

The shooting happened Friday night in the 700 block of Travis Avenue in south Longview. Authorities found the body of 25 year old Eduardo Quezada with multiple gun shot wounds.

Then, on Sunday morning, authorities say an arsonist burned down the house where police found Quezada.

KLTV 7's Lakecia Shockley has more on what authorities are now calling a family dispute.

All that's left of the Travis Street home is smoldered debris. That's after authorities say an arsonist set it on fire.

If you're angry at a family member, I would hope that you know there's other ways to resolve these things than setting fires," said Mark Moore, the fire marshal for the Longview Fire Department.

25 year old Eduardo Quezada didn't live at this home, but neighbors say he frequented the home several times and his relatives lived here.

Now, authorities are looking for one of them.

"There is a family member that detectives have developed that they believe may have been involved in some manner," said Sgt. Pendleton with Longview Police today. "They're trying to get that person to come in and talk to them now."

Police say the victim, Quezada, had a handgun on him when he was shot multiple times.

Authorites say if it turns out that the shooter shot Quezada in self-defense, murder charges will change.

As for neighbors, these type of crimes seem never ending.

"It's shocking to see what happens out here [with] the children we've got running out here, we got people shooting, we got fires and ambulances...it's real disturbing," said Jeannie Pitts today.

As for these crimes being gang-related, authorities say that just isn't true.

"This was not gang related. It had nothing to do with gangs. It appears it's going to be a family violence type related situation," said Sgt. Pendleton.

"Basically, what this is going to be over is domestic problems family members, girlfriend or boyfriend...It seems people get angry, they do things, and this is what it stems from," said Mark Moore.

Longview Police is asking anyone with information about this crime to call them or to call the Longview Fire Department.

ckhalil@kltv.com / Cathryn Khalil