UPDATE: Arson Ruled At Longview Shooting Scene, Not Gang Related

Update: Longview Police say that the murder and arson are not gang related. Police are investigating the possibility that it was a family member of Quezada who was responsible. The investigation is continuing.
ckhalil@kltv.com / Cathryn Khalil

An east Texas neighborhood is concerned about what's going on just outside their front doors, after a deadly shooting then an arson at the same location. The latest incident happened around 2:30 Sunday morning in the 700 block of Travis avenue in south Longview. Authorities say an arsonist burned down a home the very same house where police found a man shot to death Friday night.

"We could have had a fatal fire here," said Longview assistant fire marshal Jimmy Purcell.

When fire crews arrived at the home on Travis, flames were shooting out of the roof. The same home where 25 year old Eduardo Quezada was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds on Friday night.

"It's shocking to see what happens out here the children we've got running out here, we got people shooting we got fires and ambulances. It's real disturbing," said neighbor Jeannie Pitts.

And this was no accident fire marshals say , it was deliberately set.

"After going through the structure and collecting our evidence this is ruled and arson fire, it was the back side of the structure is where the origin is," Purcell says.

While police are still investigating the shooting incident, neighbors told us there's possible gang activity going on. In just over 24 hours police found the body of Quezada lying in the driveway of the home, and now they're trying to find out what's going on and if these two incidents are connected. Luckily the family was away from home at the time of the fire, but the two incidents have neighbors nervous.

"I'm worried about what comes next , its always something every day,  what is next?" says Pitts.

Investigators are looking for any break in the case.  Quezada's body was sent to Tyler for an autopsy. Anyone with information on the shooting and arson is asked to call Longview police.

Bob Hallmark reporting/bhallmark@kltv.com