Proud Of East Texas: Christie Legg

Twenty-eight years ago when Christie Legg was a student at North Texas State, she cut off her hand in an art class acident.  Christie had a feeling that something big was going to happen, but never dreamed what it would be.  The weekend before Christie went to church and was saved, and so when the accident happened, she began to pray.  Miracuoously, she lost little blood and felt no pain at all.

The miracles continued in the form of Dr. John Tebbetts who had had success in "replanting" fingers.  Tebbetts and his replant team just happened to be at Baylor Hospital in Dallas that day.  The replantation of Christie's hand made medical history.

Today, Christie Legg is Vice Presient of "Inspiratonal Life Television", which influences the lives of millions.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.