East Texans Ditch Their Four Wheels For An Aerobic Two

"Everybody likes to get an adrenaline rush once in a while," said Bob Hebb.  Hebb said cycling provides that rush for him.  For the Tyler Bicycle Club, nothing beats hitting the open road.

"If you got two riders, you got a ride," said Hebb.  "If you got three riders, you got a race."  Sunday morning, the ride across South Tyler was mainly for pleasure.  For some members of the club, cycling has become a way of life.

"My bike is my main source of transportation," said David Gersch.  "If it's not raining, I'm usually riding to work, or where ever I need to go."  Kristin Blaise said she normally gets in 200 to 250 miles a week.  She and her club members said the benefits are well worth it.

"It'll probably keep you out of the doctor's office," said Hebb.

"I have loss probably 50 pounds since I have started riding really hard," said Blaise.  The benefits are not just physical, but economical.

"Last year, I only put four tanks of gas in my car," said Gersch.  The most rewarding for this group--the social.  Gersch said he enjoys sitting and having a 20 minute conversation while biking for 10 miles and the word is definitely spreading.

"I used to ride when I was 12-14, and I remember that feeling, so I started doing it again," said Jesus Vera.  He's only been cycling for two months.  He said it's been great, but for one thing--the spandex.

"It's kind of funny because you think that people are looking at you funny," said Vera.  That does take some getting used to, but once the pedals hit the pavement, it's no big deal.

For more information about the Tyler Bicycle Club, go to Know More on 7.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  llivingston@kltv.com