Wood County Democrats Hold Unity Rally

Democrats in Wood County came together, Saturday to support Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.  About 50 Obama supporters rallied in Hawkins Saturday afternoon.  Wood County democrats have also hosted a rally in Quitman.  They say they're trying to unite the party and ensure supporters of Hillary Clinton vote for Obama, come election time in November.

"Obama and Hillary got together this weekend, and they are uniting their voters together and a lot of people thought Wood County would probably be the last county to come together," said rally host Angela Villascaz.

"People think that Wood County is a red county, but if you look at all these people behind me, you can see that we're turning, we are rapidly turning the county blue," said Wood County Democratic Club Vice President Vince Leibowitz.  The Wood County Democratic Club is also planning fundraiser's to support local democratic candidates.

Courtney Lane, Reporting. clane@kltv.com