Women Receive Gun Training From Longview Police

On the heels of a Supreme Court decision protecting the right to bear arms, women in Longview were practicing their aim at a police shooting range.  Longview police hosted a women's handgun safety class, Saturday at their firing range.  Women of all ages came out, some getting their first chance to handle a firearm.  They wanted to become familiar with their weapons and learn how to shoot accurately.  The women had to supply their own weapons and ammunition, and reasons for wanting to learn.

"I just felt I needed to know how to handle a gun," said Longview resident Jeanette Ingram.  "I've never handled one before, and I felt like I needed to know."

"My neighborhood is not quite safe, and I'm a stay at home mom with my son, and I want to make sure if someone breaks into my home, I can protect us," said gun owner Laura Perez. Fifteen women participated in Saturday's safety class.  For information on future classes, call Longview police.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com