Freedom Fighters; Charles Chibetty

Charles Chibetty was one of fourteen Comanche tribe members sto be recruited as "Code Talkers' for the invasion of Europe. The role of the Comanche Code Talkers was a top government secredt until 1989.

Ironically the U.S. Government had tried to stamp out the Comanche language by prohibiting its use. But the language proved to be invaluable in transmitting messages that the Germans couldn't break.

After the war was over, Chibetty became a renowned Comanche dancer, dancing before the Queen of England and U.S. Presidents. When the role of the Code Talkers wa declassified in 1989, the French Government presented Chibetty, and the only two other Code Talkers still alive with their Medal Of Honor.

Charles Chibetty died in 2005. He commissioned his grandson, Joe Martinez to be the "story Keeper" for the Comanche Nation and to spread the story of Code Talkers.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting