7 On Your Side: Crisis Hotline Turns Out To Be Sex Hotline

An East Texas man needing help for his family, gets a surprise when he finds the listed Crisis Hotline number, was being answered as a Sex Hotline instead.

Larry Castaneda of Tyler said he was trying to find counseling for his family after a tragic loss.

That's because last week, his 15-year old nephew Sergio, tragically took his own life.

"He did have some issues but never thought it'd lead to something like this."

A troubled teen maybe, but no signs of being suicidal. Larry said it's devastated Sergio's three young sisters.

"They were completely losing it, nobody wants to believe it," said Castaneda. "So I went out to seek help for them, get them into counseling, get them into whatever they need to get over this."

Now reaching out and desperate to find some help, Larry flipped open his phone book. Thinking he was calling a Youth Crisis Hotline, Larry was disturbed by what he heard next.

"It directed me to another number to meet women around the world."

Your Town Yellow Pages says when this particular Tyler, Smith County phone book went to print, the number was legit. In fact, they say all numbers are proofed and checked but it's not uncommon for them to change, or in this case, be purchased by an independent company.

"It needs to be corrected because imagine how many kids or families have already called that number and there's no help there," said Castaneda.

We found the same number listed at online sources as well. Since we contacted Your Town, they are now investigating a company called, PrimeTel Communications, which they say somehow, took over this number.

Your Town Yellow Pages says they're trying to track down that company and switch the number to get it working again. As for the Castaneda family, Larry said PATH has helped them find the counseling they need.

A correct number for the crisis hotline switchboard is: 1-800-786-2929.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com