Gas Station's Tanks Robbed Dry

These days it seems like people will do anything for gasoline. You've heard the stories right on KLTV about east Texans doing whatever they can for some extra gas money.

Well, someone decided to go after the gas itself - and we're talking thousands of gallons from a Smith County gas station.

As KLTV 7 News Molly Reuter explains, that station has run dry due to the hands of a thief.

It started off like most mornings for Hira Food And Gas employee Stephanie Silva.

That is, until she got her first customer.

"A guy came in around 7:30, 8 o'clock and he tried to pump gas, but there was no gas."

Silva says she called her owner who then told her to run a report on the gas pumps.

"It ran out zero, zero, zero and we didn't have any gas," Silva said today.

2,500 gallons of gasoline, worth more than $10,000: gone just like that.

But how?

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says right now they have no idea how someone was able to steal so much gasoline. The owner of the Shell Station, who just bought the store two weeks ago, says right now he does not have any locks on these gas caps, which means anyone can get inside.

It also means now is the time to get some locks.

"Yes, he's going to put some locks on them," said Silva, referring to the station's owner.

The owner of Hira Gas And Food also says a gasoline truck should arrive in the next couple of days to fill their tanks.

If you have any information on this case, call the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

Molly Reuter, reporting.