Read: Rep. Gohmert's Statement On SCOTUS Gun Decision

Rep. Gohmert has released a statement on the ruling of the Supreme Court Thursday on Second Amendment rights.
The full text is below.

In a historic decision today, the United States Supreme Court has voted 5-4 to overturn the District of Columbia's ban on hand guns. U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement:

"After a couple of ridiculous decisions, the Supreme Court finally got one right when they declared Washington D.C.'s gun ban unconstitutional.  I knew Justice Scalia's opinion would appeal to common sense while being intellectually honest and well-written. The old bumper sticker accurately said that when guns are outlawed only outlaws would have guns, which helps explain this city being not only the nation's capital, but also a murder capital.  Now, after 32 years, law-abiding citizens in Washington can protect themselves, and I firmly expect the violent crime rate to begin moving in the right direction.

We Texans have traditionally understood the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Not only will this decision return long-withheld rights to DC residents, but it will further guarantee the 2nd Amendment rights of our folks back home in east Texas. It is a good day for law-abiding citizens and the Constitution."

The District's gun ban was originally enacted in 1976 in an attempt to help curb crime, though the controversial law arguably left innocent people all the more vulnerable to criminal activity. The decision that came out of the Court today was the first definitive ruling on 2nd Amendment rights in almost 70 years.

Rep. Gohmert was a co-signer with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on a brief to the Supreme Court regarding this case, strongly advocating citizens' rights to own guns as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. / Cathryn Khalil