Summer Shoes Can Be Dangerous - Escalator Safety For Children

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is asking parents to take extra care when riding an escalator with children. Summer temperatures signal the wearing of shorts and t-shirts, loose fitting clothing and rubber-type shoes: flip-flops, tennis shoes and the newest craze, a rubber clog-like shoe that children and many adults wear. These soft, pliable shoes are under scrutiny because the softness of the shoe's material combined with the smaller size of children's feet can place children at risk when riding an escalator. Standing too close to the edge of the step and letting the shoe rub along the wall can explain why rubber shoes seem to melt around the edge of the step or even suck the shoe between the stair and side wall. Extra care is required if you ride in soft sole shoes.

Escalators aren't toys and should be treated with the respect large machinery deserves. TDLR wants to remind parents of the precautions to take when riding escalators.

  • Passengers only, no strollers or carts
  • Carry or hold the hand of young


  • Older children riding alone should

stand in the center of the escalator


  • Never ride barefoot, always wear


  • No loose clothing or untied shoelaces
  • Step on and off quickly and carefully
  • Hold on to the handrail
  • Always stand and face forward.

Never sit on steps

  • Keep hands, feet and clothing clear

of moving parts

  • Stand away from the sides of the steps

Taking the elevator is an alternative solution for parents who may have shopping bags as well as children to oversee. If you don't see one nearby ask for directions to the nearest elevator.