Collector Keeps The King Alive

Harvey convention center welcomed hundreds of doll collectors to East Texas, and Donna Thompson was invited. She's a collector, and her collection is more than a hobby, it's part of her upbringing.

"Every generation has heroes. In my generation," Donna explains, "thankfully it was Elvis."

Yes, Donna collects Elvis. Books, records, pins, even an Elvis phone. It's been a lifelong pursuit for her because for Donna, the king was an idol that it was easy to follow.

"There was never any drugs, he didn't drink, didn't smoke, loved his mother, went to the army. What was there not to be a hero about?" she says.

Donna followed Elvis for her entire life. As she grew older, so did he. Her collection is a tribute to her favorite entertainer, forever frozen in time at the age of forty two. Twenty-five years after his death, she still loves him tender.

"There's no way to tell people who never saw him how you felt the minute he got on stage." Donna said, "If he'd have stood there and scratched his nose for two hours, we'd have paid the money."

And so Donna continues her collection. She makes a pigrimage to Graceland every year. She shows her collection often, and considers it an honor to keep his memory alive.

"He gave to us the twenty years he was here. Now we're giving back."