Longview's Davis Pushing Career Towards MLB Debut

It has been just four short years since Chris Davis went from belting homers as a Lobo, to belting homers with the Oklahoma City Redhawks.

"I'm in a good spot right now," Chris said. "I have a lot of good things ahead of me in my future. I'm really excited."

Chris made the All-America team out of high school, played at junior college ball at Navarro and was then drafted by Texas in 2006.

Since he was called up to AAA ball last month, Chris is batting .333 in 31 games with 10 homeruns, 31 RBI's and 37 hits.

" I don't think anybody can really put a timetable on when they are going to be somewhere," Chris said of his upward progress. "Obviously I didn't expect to be at AAA this soon."

Chris received minor league player of the year awards while at Bakersfield and Frisco. He tied the California league hitting streak record of 35 straight games. This month he had an 11 game hitting streak in Oklahoma.

"I went through a time when I was having a tough time adjusting up here," Chris said of his first few games with the Redhawks. "I think that was part of just moving up here and recognizing what I need to do, and not try to do more than that."

Last week Chris received an invite to try out for the U.S. National Baseball team, giving him a shot the Olympics.

"You see movies about that kind of stuff," he said, "and it's just one of those things that not very many people at all get to do. For me it's the chance of a lifetime."

With the Olympics in August, there is a chance Chris would not be able to go if he is makes the national team and is later called up to the majors. Players on a 40-team roster are not allowed on the Olympic team.

"The consolation prize, if you want to consider it that, being in the big leagues, is not a bad consulation prize at all," Chris smiled. "It's a win win situation for me."