New Motion Filed In Trial Of Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly

Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly
Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly

A new motion has been filed this afternoon in Judge Jack Skeen's court in the case of Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly, one of the defendants in the Mineola child sex ring case.

"Booger Red" Kelly's defense attorney, Thad Davidson, has apparently asked for an additional continuance which at this point is scheduled to begin on Monday. He says he needs more time to collect evidence, including more information about the case of John Cantrell.

Cantrell is the current foster parent of some of the sexually abused children who are state's witnesses in the trial of Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly.

Cantrell was just recently arrested for a nearly 20 year old allegation out of California, where he is accused of lewd acts with a child.

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