American Eagle: Local, National Departures Decreasing

The city of Tyler was told by American Eagle today that in response to rising fuel costs, the number of daily departures from Tyler Pounds Regional Airport of American Eagle flights will be decreased.

Departures will also be decreasing at other airports like D/FW, which will see 23 flights cut, Chicago O'Hare, which will lose 34 American Eagle flights, and St. Louis, which will lose 35 flights.

Locally, American Eagle has five daily departures from Tyler Pounds Airport. The current flights have a seating capacity of 34 passengers on turbo prop planes.

The city of Tyler says that once in place, the new schedule will include three daily departures on newer, regional jets that have a greater seating capacity. Their hope for the result is more stable seating capacity, or potentially greater seating capacity with fewer flights.

"With rising fuel costs, it is strategically beneficial for American Eagle to consolidate their flight schedule to reduce costs," said Davis Dickson, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport manager.  "We are pleased that the number of seats available to Tyler traveler will remain the same or possibly grow." / Cathryn Khalil