Thieves Stealing From Fire Victim, Cancer Patient Who Lost Home

Contractors say someone is stealing from a fire victim and cancer patient's home.

Last April, Tyler resident Carolyn Calloway, who is fighting cancer, lost her home in an accidental fire.

Now, workers and volunteers who are trying to rebuild say some of her things have been stolen.

Contractors say thieves have ripped out copper wiring, a fountain from the front yard and even took Calloway's swing for her grandbaby.

"It's made it very tough on Ms. Calloway. She worries about it constantly. What else is going to come up missing or if we get something done are they going to tear it up? So that's hard for her to deal with trying to get her house back...It's time for her to have something good to happen."

The workers hope to have the house ready in about 5 weeks.

Tyler police say they are on the look out for those thieves.

Courtney Lane, reporting.