Child Sex Ring Trial: Change Of Venue Request Postponed

An update Tuesday in the trial of Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly, the third defendant slated to be tried in the Mineola child sex ring case.

In court this morning, Judge Jack Skeen postponed this Friday's change of venue hearing until Monday morning. Judge Skeen also issued a gag order in the case.

"Don't go out and create pre-trial publicity, so we don't have lawyers wanting change of venue hearings saying 'there's too much publicity in this case, we can't get a fair trial in this case,' and then take it upon themselves to go out and conduct television interviews about the case, or about some allegations they have about that case, which in itself creates pre-trial publicity," said Judge Skeen today in court. "This is finished."

Also today, KLTV 7 joined the district attorney's office and attorneys representing the Tyler Paper in filing a motion to throw out a subpeona of a KLTV 7 news reporter.

Defense attorney Thad Davidson alleges that a current romantic relationship between a state's attorney and KLTV 7 reporter Danielle Capper, as well as a past romantic relationship with a Tyler Paper reporter, has resulted in biased reporting that makes it impossible for his client to get a fair trial.

Today, KLTV 7 news director Kenny Boles released this statement.

KLTV 7 News' coverage of the Mineola child sex ring has been groundbreaking, responsible and balanced.

I stand by our reporting of both the investigation and criminal trials related to the tragic abuse of the east Texas children in these cases.

It is sad that the defense attorney in this most recent trial is using slanderous accusations that could divert attention from the critical issue in this case -- the innocence or guilt of his client, Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly.