Anorexia Online

A few quick key strokes, the click of a mouse and they're among friends.

They log on to Internet web sites and tell their stories.

These are just a few true entries.

"I can't stay on track , yesterday I had like 400 calories and I am the fattest of the fat."

"I'm 5'4 and 123 pounds and I am trying to fight my way to 98 pounds."

"Is there a correct way to purge?"

They are looking for guidance from a fictional leader named "Anna"

On the sites "Anna" writes: "anorexia nervosa is my full name but you can call me Anna, hopefully we can become great partners."

She inspires her followers with statements like,

"You look in the mirror with dismay you see pounds of fat and poke at it and smile when you come across bone."

And she has rules and philosophies she offers like, "being thin is the most important thing in life."

Samantha, a recovering bulimic, finds the web sites disturbing.

"Oh I would have read them every day -- just because it would have kept me focused."

Focused through pictures of women so thin it is scarry to everyone but to the girls who envy them

Doctor Safarimaryaki, a child psychiatrist with ETMC says these sites just allow girls to keep their eating disorder a secret.

"Not only is it encouraging it is very harmful to those patients, the risk of death is about ten percent."

Which is why Samantha hopes she can convince girls to turn away from these deadly pictures.

"I want to reach out an tell them they can turn away from it. One day they will make the choice to live or die."

If you or someone you know is battling an eating disorder you can get help. And if you think someone you know may be battling anorexia there are symptoms you can look for by clicking here .